Dylan McShain Builds Strong Communities

Dylan McShain has spent the last decade working with educators, community members, organizations, and businesses to  improve the resiliency and strength of their communities.

By focusing on 5 areas of the community – faith, family, education, business, and community events – Dylan has helped thousands of individuals in many different communities.

In 2016, Dylan led GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi to become the healthiest school in the country. He established countless initiatives and programs which strengthened the school community and empowered others to take action.

In 2017, Dylan and his family returned to Philadelphia where they began working with the North Philadelphia communities of Hunting Park, Germantown, and Oak Lane. With strategic partnerships he has helped lead the way to stronger communities in some of the most underserved areas of Philadelphia.

Dylan is a gifted public speaker and has performed at a diverse array of venues around the world. With a knack for seeing meaning and insight in the unlikeliest of places, his way of viewing the world empowers and encourages others to do the same. From a business standpoint, Dylan’s investments are diverse, primarily including real estate and fine art.

Through it all, his lighthearted demeanor yet insightful tones make way for an exciting story. You can follow along with his business endeavors and other community events on his social media with Instagram, Facebook, or SnapChat.

Follow along with my journey, and join the millions who desire to Build Strong Communities wherever they live, work, and serve.

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