Dylan is a confident and caring individual who is a good listener.  As a leader, he has both a hands on and hands off approach.  He has great communication skills that motivate and inspire his team. Dylan is compassionate and his team knows how much he cares.

– Joana R., Teacher 


“I believe leadership in schools is greatly dependent on relationships and Dylan demonstrates that he understands this. He fostered relationships with all people based on respect, humor and collegiality.”

-Mike H., assistant principal


“In the short time I have known Dylan, I have rapidly come to respect his knowledge and experience. Dylan is a confident leader and presenter. I think his thoughtful approach and his personable manner makes him an ideal leader.”

– Kathy M., CEO of GEMS American Academy


“You can always count on Dylan to be organized, engaged and always give his best effort. He does a fantastic job in connecting with people on personal levels, which adds to his powerful influence as a teacher and leader.”

– James C., Vice Principal


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