Every year at this time things get a little scarier. Strange men come out of nowhere, making all of us feel a bit… uneasy. They look like people we know but there’s… just… something… we can’t… put… our finger on. Or rather we don’t want to put our finger on it. It is the hair growing on their upper lip. 

We call them… The Mustache Men

Ok. I call them that. But you can too. Point is, everywhere around the world men are growing out their mustaches. And every bristly whisker is grown for a good cause. Men’s health. And men’s health is of the utmost importance, as it always has. Take a look at some of the statistics below to give a small idea on why we should take this month seriously.

Are you incapable of growing that mustache? 

Then take some steps to encourage the men in your life to lead healthier lives.

Are you a man?

Then it’s time to start growing… because Movember has begun. 

Are you growing a mustache? Post a picture in the comments. I’d love to see a fellow Movember man.