How we need to understand people before we serve them, and serve them before we sell them.

We’re all selling something. Let’s get that out there right from the get go. If you don’t believe you are selling something than you’re just ignorant of what your selling.You might be a clear salesman who sells vacuums or paper or insurance. Or you might be covert salesman like a teacher who is selling ideas or a preacher who is selling a way of life. Furthermore, you might be a super covert salesman who is trying to sell people on an idea of themselves (I.e. I’m going to wear that suit, or buy that car, or have that purse so people think I’m a certain kind of person). No matter which you are, you’re selling something.Glad we have that covered.

Now on to the main topic.

We all want something. We sell to obtain what we want. Most of the time we sell to obtain money. But therein lies the trap. If we focus on making money we will not obtain it. And if we do obtain it, it will not be for very long. In order to build wealth for the long haul we must first focus on serving people.

It is people that should hold greatest significance. If we can serve people and their needs, the wealth will come. And the only way to serve someone is to understand them – to listen to them and to hear their wants and needs. Only then can we serve them. Only then can we fill that need with a product or a service. Only then will they be sold on what we have to offer.

Wealth is like happiness, if you focus on it you will never attain it. They are a byproduct. It is only when you focus on doing what is truly important that wealth and happiness will follow.

The next time you try and sell someone something – STOP. Take a few moments and really listen. Ask them questions. Get to the bottom of the problems they are facing. And when you have truly listened and thought about their needs, maybe then, you can take a step forward in serving them.